PNL Congress/ UPDATE Florin Citu: Romania needs liberalism

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Romania needs liberalism, said Prime Minister Florin Citu, on Saturday, at the Congress of the National Liberal Party (PNL), during the presentation of the motion he is running with for the chairmanship of the party - Liberal Romania. The Prime Minister was interrupted during his speech by the supporters of Ludovic Orban, who booed him and asked for his resignation as Prime Minister. The current chairman of the PNL appealed to the hall to stop this behaviour. "Those who are chanting for my resignation, know that means taking down your own government. Yes, only Dragnea did that. PNL is alive and that's what all Romanians must see. I salute you all, dear Liberal colleagues. A long and difficult campaign, wasn't it? It was, but I say that I regret nothing of this campaign, because in this campaign I saw Romania, I saw what Romanians need and I saw they need liberalism, Romania needs liberalism," said Florin Citu. "Only the 'winning team' had a positive and optimistic campaign, regardless of how much others attacked me. And you know why we had an optimistic campaign? Because I trusted you all, my Liberal colleagues. I know that today you will make the right choice. And now we are here, at the moment of truth, the moment we choose authentic liberalism, the moment in which the PNL gives a lesson of democracy to all political parties in Romania, but also Romanians. Liberal colleagues, I am Florin, the man who entered politics not long ago, but worked a lot and without compromises to be here and for that I thank you," said Citu. The head of the Government pointed out that without the colleagues in the 40 branches, who voted for his motion, he couldn't have ran for PNL chair. "Your trust makes me responsible. We started a few on this road look how many we've become. I say with emotion that you are my team and regardless who you vote for today I thank you for coming here. Yes, I admit, I hope to convince more of you up to the time of the vote to vote for me, because I'm a team player and I want to work with you all, to make the PNL the largest political party in Romania," he added. Florin Citu also stated his commitment, if elected chairman of the PNL, for the decisions to be made together with the party. The Prime Minister said he respects Liberal principles in politics, but also in his personal life. "I don't make compromises. For me, and I'm sure that for you as well, private property is sacred, and entrepreneurs are heroes. And there's one more important thing to me: poverty must be eradicated in Romania and I guaranteed you that only us, the Liberals, have the solution. It's called Liberal Romania!," Florin Citu also said. AGERPRES (RO - author: Daniel Florea, editor: Andreea Rotaru; EN - editor: Razvan-Adrian Pandea)
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