PNL Congress/ Kelemen Hunor: Starting next week, we must try to restore coalition

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The chairman of the Hungarian Democratic Union of Romania (UDMR), deputy Prime Minister Kelemen Hunor, told, on Saturday, the delegates of the congress of the National Liberal Party (PNL), that the restoration of the coalition must be tried, given the huge responsibility assumed through the governing programme. "It's natural to see each other at our congresses, not only for pure formality and collegiality, but beyond these aspects PNL and UDMR are part of the same political family, we are members of the European People's Party, we are in the same governmental and parliamentary coalition and our major objectives point us in the same direction. We can have and we do have disputes, but over the year we have been governing partners, we learnt that in a coalition there is need for patience, there is need for understanding and, of course, there is need for compromise. This experience is a first argument, a solid reason in 2021 as well, in the autumn of coalition party congresses, in difficult political, social and economic conditions, to not renounce the partnership and to put aside momentary disagreements, to put aside personal egos. Ultimately, politics is about citizens and not about us, not about politicians," said Kelemen Hunor, in his speech held at the PNL Congress. A second argument, he added, is closely tied to the "promises in the governing programme." "The expectation of citizens, after 13 years of political instability, after a long period lacking in predictability, is huge. The people, that is human nature, seek safety, political stability and predictability. Last year, in the period of the electoral campaign, we spoke clearly and directly, we said that, if there is a possibility for a post-electoral center-right coalition, we must sit at the table and form a government together. Today you have a huge challenge, you will choose the chairman of the PNL, but with all the emotion and noise of this day it will be over very soon. The problems however will not be over - the pandemic has not ended, the prices have gone up and I could continue with many examples," said Kelemen Hunor. The UDMR leader emphasized that the responsibility for solving these problems is a joint one. "We must try to restore the coalition, starting next week. You stay and will stay at the top of the coalition and we mustn't lose weeks, years, we mustn't leave the impression that we are bickering amongst each other in the coalition and this bickering takes up all the time. We must put everything aside because we are in a race against time, not each other. I expect to approach all these problems, both in the restored coalition, if possible, as well as in the Government meetings and in the Chambers of Parliament," the UDMR chair emphasized. AGERPRES (RO - author: Daniel Florea, editor: Andreea Rotaru; EN - editor: Razvan-Adrian Pandea)
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