PM Citu says minority of rule-breakers drives Bucharest's coronavirus rise, expects solutions from local authorities

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Prime Minister Florin Citu announced today that he will meet with the Bucharest General Mayor and the sector mayors to discuss the capital city's rise in COVID-19 infections, mentioning that there is a minority of rule-breakers and that he is waiting for solutions from the local authorities. Citu specified that today at 16:00 he will have an online meeting with the prefects and that on Tuesday he will meet with the County Council and municipal associations. "There is a minority that disobeys the rules in force. Therefore, I decided to have a meeting today with the Bucharest General Mayor and the sector mayors to discuss the situation in Bucharest. At 16:00 I will have an online discussion with the prefects, and tomorrow I will discuss with the Association of Romania's County Councils and Municipalities. It is time for the solutions to come from the local authorities. Each municipality has its own specifics," Citu said. He added that "only a few" restaurants do not follow the rules. "Where the law is disobeyed, I will be uncompromising. No one is above the law. Unfortunately, there are also lawmakers who incite disobedience of the law. (...) I have no problem with protests, (... ) but let them do it in compliance with the law, let them wear a mask. (...) I asked IntMin Bode to present a report on what happened over the weekend. No one is above the law," the Prime Minister underlined. Asked if locking down Bucharest is being considered, Citu said: "Personally, I wanted us to keep the economy open and we found solutions. I want us to find solutions so that we do not end up in a lockdown. We will make the decision after I meet with the General Mayor and the sector mayors. That's why I'm waiting for solutions." AGERPRES (RO - author: Alina Novaceanu, editor: Florin Marin; EN - author: Simona Klodnischi, editor: Simona Iacob)
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