Oradea City Day features exhibition of city photos from AGERPRES archive

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An exhibition featuring almost 60 memorable photos of Oradea from the AGERPRES archive opened on Tuesday at the Zion Neolog Synagogue as part of the festivities dedicated to Oradea City Day, marked on October 12. "It's an honor for AGERPRES to be present here today, particularly on such a special day for Oradea. We brought archive photos from the 1940s to 1997 in an attempt to revive these images in the memory of those who lived those times, but also to show the young people a snippet of the history of the city they live in, especially on the city's festive day. Whereas a monograph sheds light on a history written or recalled by a particular writer, the image captures reality as it is, the more so as archive photos, as you can see, undergo no change over time. As the National News Agency, we can take pride in our resource of four and a half million photos which represent the history of the country; by preserving and promoting them, and by showing them to everyone, we make them even more valuable, more memorable - some works of art, in the end. We will continue to be close to Oradea Heritage for future events and we consider that every citizen receiving a piece of their history it is a touch of gratitude and value," AGERPRES National News Agency managing director Claudia Nicolae declared at the opening event. Also attending were the curator of the exhibition, Professor Sorin Margarit from Bucharest, Oradea mayor Florin Birta, deputy mayors Arina Mos and Marcel Dragos, along with other officials and culture lovers. "I am glad that we are able to celebrate Oradea City Day through a unique event, and we give our thanks to those involved: AGERPRES's Mrs. Nicolae, Mr. curator Margarit, Mrs. Lupsea. We should do - and we plan to materialize it - a photographic parallel between archive pictures and the new ones, from today, which I think will be another successful exhibition," declared mayor Florin Birta. The exhibition "Oradea - memorable photos from the AGERPRES archive" includes 58 pictures that capture Oradea's urban evolution over the period 1940 - 1997. "Oradea locals thus have the opportunity to rediscover their childhood places, the cars that used to roam the roads, and to revisit the places where they once lived, for a comparative look on how they have changed, on how the city has evolved," said director of the Foundation for the Protection of Historical Monuments, Angela Lupsea. The exhibition will remain at the Zion Synagogue between October 12 and November 12, and will after this move on tour - to the Oradea Faculty of Construction and Architecture as the first stop. According to director Angela Lupsea, other activities meant to present the city's evolution from an urban and architectural point of view will be developed under the partnership with AGERPRES National News Agency, including a documentary about the city's urban design journey as traced by the architects, engineers, surveyors and draftsmen involved in carrying out the construction projects. Joint projects - activities and exhibitions - will be organized in the cities of Bihor County, which will tap into AGERPRES's rich resource of local photos, highlighting the specific heritage of each region. "The project of the Foundation for the Protection of Historical Monuments developed together with AGERPRES is a one-of-a-kind initiative at national level, and director Claudia Nicolae wants to take it to other counties as well, together with the local authorities. The Oradea City Hall and the Bihor County Council will support the project activities which are supposed to unfold until the end of 2022," said Angela Lupsea. AGERPRES National Press Agency managing director Claudia Nicolae visited on Monday the Oradea Museum of Photography in the Oradea Citadel, the only photography museum in Romania, mounted by photographer Stefan Toth, and also met with Oradea municipality and Bihor County officials. On Tuesday she participated in the festivities organized at the Romanian Soldier Monument. AGERPRES (RO - author: Eugenia Pasca, editor: Karina Olteanu; EN - author: Simona Klodnischi, editor: Simona Iacob)
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