MP Rafila: PSD supports COVID 19 vaccination campaign, but there are some elements that worry us

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Social Democratic Party (PSD) MP Alexandru Rafila said on Monday that the Social Democrats support the COVID 19 vaccination campaign, but there are some worrying elements, including the implementation and operation of the IT platform. According to Rafila, three weeks after the start of the vaccination campaign against the novel coronavirus infection, Romania is unfortunately going through a "groping around" period, something that "is not able to create enough credibility and trust for citizens". "From the very beginning I would like to declare - the PSD supports the vaccination campaign, we want it to run as smoothly possible and to lead in a short time to the immunization of a sufficient proportion of Romanian citizens to ensure, in the first place, the resumption of social activities, economic activities, and this can only be achieved through a very good organization, there are some elements that concern us and that must be mentioned, because their resolution could lead to the achievement of this national goal. First of all, it is about the implementation and operation of the IT platform, which you saw had many stoppages, even today," the PSD deputy told a press conference, at the party headquarters. He stressed that not only the vaccination schedule, but also the way the campaign will be carried out depend on the functionality of the IT platform. "Today there were situations in the country when vaccination was delayed due to the breakdown of this IT platform. On the other hand, the inclusion in the second stage, without any kind of prioritization, of an extremely large number of people, there are estimates the authorities presented, some said five million, others six million people, does nothing but prevent the access to vaccination of the most exposed, people with chronic diseases, the elderly, disadvantaged people, people from the rural environment, who have a extremely limited access to registration on these vaccination lists," Alexandru Rafila explained.AGERPRES(RO - author: Dana Piciu, editor: Claudia Stanescu; EN - author: Simona Iacob, editor: Maria Voican)
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