Manager of Iasi Opera House Beatrice Rancea placed under judicial control

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Beatrice Rancea, the manager of the Romanian National Opera in Iasi, who is facing criminal proceedings in a case file regarding financial irregularities found at the Opera House, with a damage of 5 million lei, has been placed placed under judicial control, according to DIICOT (Directorate for Investigating Organised Crime and Terrorism) representatives. In this case, the prosecutors took the same measure against 10 other people. On Monday morning, DIICOT prosecutors - the Iasi Territorial Service and judicial police officers conducted 26 home searches in Bucharest and Iasi while investigating into such crimes as embezzlement, forgery, fraud, in connection with several irregularities found at the Iasi National Opera House. After the searches, Beatrice Rancea was taken by the police and brought to the DIICOT Iasi headquarters for questioning. The searches took place in the context of a prolonged conflict between the employees and the manager of the Romanian National Opera in Iasi, Beatrice Rancea, which led to several criminal complaints having been filed by both parties. According to DIICOT and IGPR releases, since 2014, an organised criminal group led by one person, who worked as a manager of some cultural institutions in Iasi and Bucharest, has been set up to operate alternatively in the municipalities of Iasi and Bucharest. The members of the group obtained large amounts of money in subsidies and allocations from the state budget, in this case from the budget of the Ministry of Culture. They tried to embezzle, in various ways, the subsidies granted by the Ministry of Culture for the promotion of the cultural system through the Bucharest National Opera House and the Iasi National Opera House. The prosecutors' investigation highlighted the fact that the criminal activity of the group covered, on the one hand, the entire range of acquisitions, and on the other hand, it also targeted the expenses with the collaborators and the rents. The group wanted to embezzle the money, by fraudulent maneuvers, to their own personal benefit and interests, the same as their collaborators'. AGERPRES (RO - author: Eusebi Manolache, editor: Florin Marin, EN - author: Cristina Zaharia, editor: Adina Panaitescu)
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