FOTO VIDEO Glumele apărute pe rețelele de socializare după ce Biden s-a împiedicat în timp ce se îmbarca pe Air Force One

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Joe Biden s-a împiedicat și a căzut de două ori, vineri, în timp ce urca pe scara avionului Air Force One, Casa Albă spunând după incident că președintele american se simte bine. Biden nu a fost iertat de glumeții de pe rețelele de socializare, pe acestea apărând numeroase postări ironice, multe dintre ele cu tagul #Bidenfall.

I was off Twitter all day yesterday.
Just came to know this happened.
\uD83D\uDE2D\uD83D\uDE2D\uD83E\uDD23\uD83E\uDD23\uD83E\uDD23\uD83E\uDD27\uD83E\uDD27 #Bidenfall

— Trupti. Solkadi stan account.\uD83D\uDE0D (@Indianfirst_tru) March 20, 2021

Have you seen this version?Putin shoots Biden.#Bidenfall

— wrpt0113 (@wrpt0113) March 20, 2021

No one is safe from the NFL's rushing leader #Bidenfall

— Pro Football Network (@PFN365) March 19, 2021 — rider writer®♦️ (@HBwriterMike) March 20, 2021


If #Biden can’t stand on his own two feet then how can he stand up for America ?

I miss President Trump! We need a strong leader again.

Joe Biden falling and tripping is hilarious and embarrassing !

Raise your hand✋ if you agree

— Terrence K. Williams (@w_terrence) March 19, 2021

She's actually dumb enough to say this.#Bidenfall

— David Wohl (@DavidWohl) March 20, 2021

#Bidenfall I remember when Trump had difficulty drinking water with both hands and going down a ramp at West Point.

— Nick Mitchell (@pat_fasnacht) March 19, 2021

This didn't age well... #Bidenfall

— Vic ⬛\uD83D\uDFE7 (@VicCarroll73) March 19, 2021

#Bidenfall - oh, wait - this one is Ronald Reagan on the steps of AF1:

— Joanie rebels #FreeThemAll \uD83C\uDD98 (@JoanieReb) March 19, 2021
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