Former PNL Chairman turned maverick Orban: It takes a National Council decison to expel me from party

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Former National Liberal Party (PNL) Chairman now turned maverick Ludovic Orban announced that he will report on Friday to the meeting of the party's Executive Bureau where his exclusion from PNL will be discussed, but underscored that such a move requires the decision of the PNL National Council. "At the end of Monday's National Political Bureau meeting I made press statements. (...) After that, probably steaming and upset that I rained on their parade and slammed them for this grave betrayal and political prostitution - I cannot call it otherwise - they sent me at 23:36 a summons to the Executive Bureau meeting which is to discuss, based on Article 32, my statements against the PNL. It was a decision taken by the group around Citu - Alina Gorghiu, Lucian Bode, Rares Bogdan - who decided to call the meeting on Friday in order to expel me. Now, they know perfectly well that it takes more than their kangaroo ExB meeting and their demolition team to expel a former party Chairman, this requires the decision of the National Council, which means at least 1,000 Liberals you have to convince to oust Orban. However, I will go to the meeting of the Executive Bureau," the former PNL Chairman told broadcaster Realitatea TV on Wednesday evening. Orban also said that at the meeting on Friday he will request "the resignation of Citu and the party leadership", "the cessation of any discussions with PSD and the restoration of the PNL - UDMR - USR coalition". "If they continue to go chummy with PSD, my place is obviously no longer with them, but I still hold out hope that the alliance with PSD won't turn to reality in the end," he said. Orban explained that he will remain in the PNL as long as there is the "least chance" for the party to get back on the "right path" and not strike the deal with PSD. "A center-right and right-wing political construction is absolutely necessary today. The Romanian voters who believe in Liberal, Christian Democratic, conservative values no longer have political representation. The moment the PNL shook hands with PSD, there is no more right-wing political representation. (...) My opinion is that Florin Citu doesn't want these negotiations to succeed and that not all those in PSD are keen on forming a government with PNL. For many it's just a way to get access to resources, such a government only benefits those who are waiting for the preferential distribution of budget resources. As long as I still have a glimmer of hope that PNL could still return to the right track I will fight for the fair representation of the people. When everything is lost, I will publicly announce my new political construction," the former Liberal Chairman said. According to Orban, the PNL - PSD collaboration might be achieved because this is President Iohannis's plan, to be Prime Minister after he ends his term in 2024 and for this "he needs to control the PNL and a partner to get along with." AGERPRES (RO - author: Livia Popescu, editor: Claudia Stanescu; EN - editor: Simona Klodnischi)
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