"Belarus. The Road to Freedom", photo exhibition of Belarusian journalist Nadia Bujan, inaugurated in Oradea

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The first personal photo exhibition of Belarusian journalist Nadia Bujan, winner of the prestigious award World Press Photo Involvement - 2021, was inaugurated on Friday in Unirii Square in northwestern Oradea, organized by the Varadinum Photo Club and Oradea City Hall , in the presence of the author and of the Romanian ambassador to the Republic of Belarus, Viorel Mosanu. Titled "Belarus. The Road to Freedom", the exhibition is documentary and includes a selection of 50 photos taken by journalist Nadia Bujan between June and September 2020, during the protests in Belarus, which took place on the eve of and immediately after the presidential elections in Belarus of August 9, 2020. The journalist from Belarus showed that the Romanian ambassador's wife, Nadia Mosanu, who is a cultural manager, also had a contribution to the realization of this exhibition. "The project of this exhibition was born from the friendship we have had for several years with Madam Ambassador, whom I met in 2016 and we collaborated excellently on a Romanian project in Minsk, a world premiere of the Romanian Jazz Symphony of Florin Raducanu. This is how we established a Nadia-Nadia relationship and this is how we started," Nadia Bujan told AGERPRES. Nadia, 30 years old, graduated from the Institute of Journalism at the State University of Belarus in 2014 and worked as a photojournalist until July 8 this year for Nasha Niva, the oldest newspaper in Belarus, from where she had to resign, choosing the path of exile so as not to suffer reprisals. "A month ago, our newsroom was devastated by law enforcement. Four employees were detained and two of them are still in prison. (...) The Reporters Without Borders organization has designated Belarus as the most dangerous country for media employees. Journalists and bloggers are threatened, abused and arrested. This situation can be seen as a real ban on practicing. The total number of political detainees today is already 604 people, of whom over 30 are journalists," said Nadia Bujan. Ambassador Viorel Mosanu recalled the steps taken by Romania and the European and international community for the democratic and sustainable settlement of the internal crisis in Belarus and some of the actions in which our country offered support to the Belarusian people. "Romania, together with Poland and Lithuania, came up with the initiative of an economic support plan for a democratic Belarus, in October 2020. Recently, this plan was adopted at the level of the European Union. Basically, Romania supported the civil society, the independent media in Belarus with 100,000 euros, supported the international platform for investigating cases of torture and degrading treatment by the authorities against the protesters. Romania also supported the student movement, those young people who suffered as a result of the repression, and a government program of full scholarships was established for those expelled," the Romanian ambassador to Belarus said. Nadia Bujan's photos are printed by the care of Ovi D. Pop - a world-renowned photographer himself - on ten large, weather-resistant panels and can be seen in Unirii Square until August 27. After this date, the exhibition will also be itinerated at the University of Oradea, on campus, but also in other cities in the country. The poster of the exhibition includes the photo that received the World Press Photo Involvement award for 2021. Under the prison walls, Olga Sieviaryniec is waiting for her husband, a well-known Belarusian politician, Pavel Sieviaryniec, one of the founders of the Young Front. He was to be released that day, but after long waits — she stood motionless for about two hours — the woman never met her husband again. "This moment of waiting - waiting for loved ones in prison, waiting for change, waiting for a quiet life - is what unites many Belarusians. I really want to believe that soon we will all be able to embrace our loved ones. I thank all those involved in organizing this opportunity to tell here what is happening in my country. Bringing the truth to the attention of the public is the only mission we have left," concluded Nadia Bujan. The Romanian ambassador's wife, Nadia Mosanu, wanted to mention, for AGERPRES, that on the fences of the Romanian Embassy in Belarus you can still see today the 25 works of artist Ovi D. Pop, with "beautiful, bright" images from our country, inaugurated on Romanian National Day, December 1, 2020.AGERPRES(RO - author: Eugenia Pasca, editor: Marius Fratila; EN - author: Simona Iacob, editor: Maria Voican)
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