Approximately a quarter of hoteliers receive Easter reservations, 19% of units fully booked

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Almost a quarter of hoteliers (23%) have already received the first reservations for the Easter period, and over a third (37%) say that they registered the first reservations for the summer holidays season, according to an analysis done by the online platform The platform adds that 19% of respondents confirm that the unit they own is completely booked for the Easter holidays. At the same time, 79% of hoteliers present on the hotel reservation platform said that they made investments in their property during the pandemic period, and 19% say that they dropped tariffs by 5-10% in comparison with last year and 31% propose to create special offers for the following period. In the same context, 51% of the total surveyed specify that they did not increase the prices they practiced before. Furthermore, 31% of those interviewed say that they will be coming with special offers this year, especially under the form of seasonal and special offers, while 25% want to improve their reservation system, implementing reservations in real time, which will allow them to avoid unpleasant situations, such as overbooking. The quoted study highlights that more than half of hoteliers (56%) have invested in renovating rooms, 17% renovated the kitchen, and 6% of respondents have enriched their range of facilities, including new services. According to the source, a significant number of hoteliers (45% of the partners) have decided to adjust their cancellation and reservation policy, which prior were less friendly. Also, over 50% of the reservations for the following period are "last-minute" types, done 3-14 days prior to the check-in. The vacations of those who choose to stay in Romania are primarily short-termed, 66% of reservations being for one or two nights, 30% for 3-5 nights, and the rest, of only 4%, for over 5 nights. is one of the largest players on the Romanian hotel reservation market which accepts traveling vouchers. The company's offer contains 6,700 properties in Romania, among which hotels, boarding houses, flat apartments, guest houses, cabins and campsites from all regions of the country. In the year 2019, the platform registered over 620,000 overnight stays and a total reservation value of 13 million Euro.AGERPRES(RO - author: Daniel Badea, editor: Andreea Marinescu; EN - author: Catalin Cristian Trandafir, editor: Maria Voican)
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